Editorial Policy


Article: Any post or page published on eConstructionCareers.com with the exception of the home page

Credible Source: An organisation independently recognised in the community as a source of credible information on a topic. This may include government bodies who are a source of information they publish, or private companies who are a source of information on themselves.

Sufficient Citation: A link or academic style reference to a source of information that represents to the reader of the article where that information came from.


Wherever data, statistics, graphs, or any other representation of an aggregated numerical quantity is to be used in an article, sufficient citation should be made available in the article to demonstrate the source of the information. By preference, credible sources should be used for all numerical quantities. This includes, but is not limited to, references to monetary amounts and official government statistics.

Authorship and Review

All articles are written by one or many knowledgeable people on the subject of the article. A qualified engineer, qualified to a suitable level as determined by the content and impact of the article, is responsible for reviewing and editing the content of the article. A knowledgeable person may be one who has derived their knowledge from experience, study, or research. A qualified engineer has at a minimum completed tertiary study in engineering.

Articles are reviewed post-publication to identify if information contained within an article is out of date or otherwise no longer appropriate. For queries regarding published information, please refer to the Contact section of this policy.


All articles pass a general plagiarism check prior to publication. Citation of sources is used where required. For any concerns about plagiarism, please refer to the Contact section of this policy.

Authors have granted all copyright of the published articles to the eConstructionCareers. The author may be cited as the original author with eConstructionCareers as the original publisher.


To contact eConstructionCareers regarding the quality of published articles, please refer to our contact page here.