5 of the Best Cities to Find a Construction Job in the UK

Written by CD, updated May 14 2019 in accordance with our editorial policy.

We analysed jobs data to determine where in the UK it’s easiest to find a job. Based on a calculation of the greatest number of construction jobs available per person, currently the best cities in the UK for finding a job are:

  1. Leeds
  2. Manchester
  3. Bristol
  4. Liverpool
  5. Sheffield

Read on to find some examples of the trending construction jobs in these cities.

Map of the trending job locations in the UK
Map of the trending job locations in the UK


The hottest trending jobs in Leeds are fitting, particularly mechanical and pipes. In these jobs you’ll be filing, cutting, drilling, and threading pipe pieces so that they fit together. You work with your hands and get to see a finished product put together in front of you. Your work is then relied upon by hundreds of people every day. Fitting can be a rewarding career, and it’s currently in hot demand around Leeds.


There are a lot of building projects in the north of England at the moment. These are taking up the time of many qualified electricians. This means that other places electricians work are crying out for help. If you hold your license, or you’re looking to get started as an apprentice, the north is the place to be.


This one’s for the experienced quantity surveyors. Our data indicates a sudden rush of demand for quantity surveyors across the country, but the highest numbers are seen in Bristol. If you’ve had any experience as a quantity surveyor before, check out Bristol for that next step in your career.


Similar to Manchester, a lot of electrician work is being demanded on new buildings and infrastrucutre. This leaves other companies in desperate need of electricians. There’s something for every skill level here. Whether you’re a seasoned expert, or a green apprentice, check out electrician work in Liverpool.


Do you have any experience with CNC machines? Milling, turning, or (laser) setting? Then Sheffield is the place to be. The data we analysed couldn’t determine the reason why, but Sheffield is currently a hot-spot for working with CNC machines. Our theory is that manufacturing is back in a big way all across the north of England, and Sheffield is riding the boom.

What’s causing all this demand for construction jobs?

We found two causes for all this jobs growth up north: Currency and infrastructure. Thanks to Brexit, the exchange rate between UK and the EU and US has favoured manufacturing in the UK. New infrastructure projects, particularly around Manchester, have also been pulling in a lot of talent. Consequently, many jobs in construction are now in high demand.